Live like the Neapolitans


Thinking of expanding your portfolio, consider Naples!

Here’s why.

Naples is a metropolitan city in the Southern parts of Italy, with breathtaking views of hills, mountains and serene views of nature. Looking for a holiday a home, a place to retire or simply a place to have a big return on your investment? Consider Naples and the surrounding towns in the Campania region.



Certain areas in Naples are not quite as scenic, however, the further away from the city centre you explore, the more beautiful and serene views you behold. For a bigger return on investments, consider urbanised areas like Vomero and Posillipo, which are highly coveted in Naples. For retirement or holiday homes, you should consider the outskirts and surrounding towns, like Capri, Sorrento, Procida, Caserta, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Cilento and Calitri, for more pituresque views. Another bonus to consider, Neapolitans are a bunch of friendly and welcoming people way more friendly than the Romani.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. I would not recommend buying a property in Naples without going to examine it in person, mainly due to the area the property is located. The interior might be extravagant and well laid out but the exterior and surrounding areas may be an eyesore. It is crucial for you to know what the people in the area are like, the access points to the property, the surrounding areas and the views, before committing to a property.

Many ignore Naples as a travel destination, let alone a property haven, simply due to its bad reputation of corruption, petty theft and littering. The truth, is many cities have their issues but a ‘rumour’ should not stop you from investing in a beautiful gem like Naples.

Below, you can experience Naples and surrounding towns with me, through my little picture diary; little, due to a malfunctioning camera.



Picture Diary




Wonder where I’m off to next…

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